3D Modeling

The use cases for interior and exterior 3D modeling are multifaceted.  From preparedness and response – to marketing – to facility documentation for insurance and liability purposes, our high-resolution 3D models are versatile and a sound investment.

facility documentation

Insurance is a hedge against the odds – what better way to document your building or facility than with a state-of-the-art, immersive 3D model – both internal and external.  Capture your space as it is today and leverage this documentation with insurance carriers when a destructive event occurs.


Whether your market is residential or commercial real estate or you are a boutique/unique business owner, allowing potential buyers and customers to virtually tour your site provides incentive for them to physically visit your location.  Showcase your marquee attractions, your destination restaurants, or your entertainment venues with this next-generation marketing solution.

HDR Photography & Photospheres from your interior 3d models

After creating a 3D model of your facility, we are able to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs an photospheres from within that 3D model.  Augment your existing still photography with these unique features that allows you to “snap” any location within your 3D model!


Floor Plans & AEC Data

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) data available through our 3D services give AEC professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.  All measurements are accurate to within 1% of reality. 

2D schematic Floor plans

Professional black-and-white floor plans that include internal measurements – valuable for reference, planning, and documentation.

colorized point clouds

Quickly create as-built models using third-party software such as 3ds max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD.

reflected ceiling plan images

Easily obtain the reflected (mirror image) of your floor plan to complete your AEC documentation needs.

3d mesh files & texture map images

Combining 3D depth data and 2D visual data to create a texturized 3D Mesh (.OBJ), kick start your design projects with a 3D model of a real-world space.


Vulnerability Assessments

The #1 finding in the Final Recommendations of the Michigan School Safety Task Force (November 2018) identified the need for complete physical security assessments to be the highest priority for schools.  Our security and vulnerability assessments are the first step in an ongoing process for identifying and prioritizing risks to schools and businesses that highlights areas where you perform well – in addition to documenting areas for improvement – and, in the end, assist you in reducing overall risk.  Our team of highly-skilled professionals will deliver concise, realistic, and comprehensive evaluations and recommendations that will help improve your overall safety and security profile.

first steps

Our first order of business is to meet with you to better understand your perspective – in addition to your needs and wants.  You know your business/school/facility best and can provide valuable input to our assessment team.

Policies & Procedures Evaluation

We conduct a narrow-scope gap analysis of current safety and security policies, culture, procedures, and enablers (i.e., physical devices, technology solutions, resource officers, etc.).

on-the-ground observation

Whether one building or many buildings, we set foot onto every property we evaluate.  This allows us to observe, document, and analyze each location independently so we can obtain the “ground truth.”

Realistic recommendations

We provide a ‘cost vs effectiveness’ based roadmap of policy, procedure, and enabler changes, additions, or enhancements that can be implemented immediately or over time based on your desires and available resources. 


Classroom Trauma Action Kits (CTAK)

Trauma kits (or Bleed Control Kits) are meant to deal with major injuries, typically life-threatening, and to keep someone alive until expert medical care can be reached.  At PrePlanLive, we have conducted extensive research into the efficacy of various products and have developed our custom CTAK – simple, effective on any age patient, and cost-effective.


The CTAK is designed for ease-of-use by anyone.  Clear packaging allows for quick understanding of kit contents and the included infographic ensures anyone – regardless of training – can properly apply bleeding control methods.

best-in-class tourniquets

Objective medical evidence exists shows that a majority of tourniquets placed within schools and other institutions are ineffective at controlling traumatic breathing in younger and/or smaller patients.  We took that evidence to heart and found what is – in our professional opinion – the best tourniquet for use in a wide array of venues.  The tourniquets included within our kits can be applied by children and adults, and are rapidly effective on patients both young and old.  


Our CTAKs do not include any contents with expiration dates – which means you do not need to replace contents to maintain the integrity of our kits’ bleeding control capabilities.

CTAK contents

Our kits include:  RATS Tourniquets; self-adhering wrapping tape (compression); gauze squares (wound packing and compression); CPR mask (doubles as occlusive bandage); nitrile gloves; trauma shears; permanent marker; and an instructional infographic, all contained within a clear and wearable multi-pocket pouch.