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Traditional safety and preparedness tools fail to provide schools, businesses, and houses of worship – nor the first responders charged with protecting them – with the necessary information needed to prepare for, train, or respond to emergency incidents.  In these scenarios, uncertainty leads to hesitation -hesitation that increases response time – delaying action in situations where each second can literally have life or death implications.  PrePlanLive provides a comprehensive preparedness and Critical Incident Management solution to the lack of useful, accessible information that has plagued our communities and First Responders for generations.  PrePlanLive stands as the safety and first response community’s greatest partner, dedicated to providing the support all communities deserve to best protect us in our times of greatest need.

The Core of PrePlanLive


We live in a digitally interconnected world of people and things – yet schools, houses of worship, and businesses lack a connected method for planning for – and responding to – emergencies.  First Responders still rely on analog plans to prepare for emergencies and lack in-depth understanding of many crisis scenes they are responding to.  PrePlanLive is the comprehensive Critical Incident Management solution that answers critical information requirements for both emergency planning and incident response.  PrePlanLive creates a Common Operating Picture that enables unity of command, effective communication, and the preservation of life.

why choose preplanlive

We believe that businesses, municipalities, schools, first response teams and communities should all have a preparedness and management solution available at their fingertips – a solution that gives them access to the information they need to save lives.  In any crisis event – a medical emergency, natural disaster, or active shooter scenario – access to timely and accurate information is our greatest asset.  PrePlanLive ensures that the people responsible for taking action in times of crisis are able to do so with accuracy and assurance.  PrePlanLive is your number one preparedness partner.

what preplanlive delivers

PreparednessPreparedness is key to effective and timely emergency response. It is imperative that emergency preparedness plans meet – and even exceed – the information needs of First Responders. We not only leverage existing preparedness frameworks, but also consult with both customers and subject matter experts to provide world-class preparedness solutions for contingencies.

Rapid Access to Information. In emergency response scenarios uncertainty leads to hesitation – and hesitation increases response time. It is our duty to ensure emergency planners and First Responders have the information they need before a crisis occurs – and to provide rapid, intuitive access to that information.

Physical Domain AwarenessWe can mitigate the inherent risks faced within our communities.  We MUST strive to ensure the most vulnerable locations in those communities are prepared and that first responders can identify EXACTLY where to go, how to get there, and what they will face in terms of physical environment – as quickly as possible.

Reducing Response TimesIn the face of ever-evolving and more complex threats, the “Golden Hour” has become the “Golden Minute;” it is our responsibility to understand the threat environment – PLAN for better RESPONSE – and to embrace the concept that ‘seconds equate to saving lives’ in emergency response scenarios.

PrePlanLive Features

Live Camera Integration

Secure access to your facility’s security cameras is provided to key staff and First Responders through our proprietary “bridging” capability.  This on-demand feature encrypts camera feeds, which are rebroadcast from our managed cloud environment – minimizing bandwidth usage while still providing access to authorized users.

Emergency Response Plans

Make your Emergency Response Plans accessible to your staff via any connected device.  Instantly access your plans via SMS or email when an incident is reported – ensuring your staff can rapidly take appropriate action during emergency incidents.  First Responders receive similar information, allowing for greater understanding of what actions are being taken in your facility prior to arrival.

Mass Notification

With PrePlanLive’s Incident Notification dashboard, you can alert facility employees and first responders within your municipality of an active incident. This feature triggers immediate SMS and email incident notifications to your staff as well as to First Responders – who receive one click access to the facility’s PrePlanLive profile to aid in emergency response actions.

3D Mapping
We harness the power of next-generation immersive technologies when we create our vivid and dynamic 3D models.  Offering three unique visual aspects (overhead floor plan, proprietary “Dollhouse” view, and virtual walk-through), our 3D models provide an enhanced understanding of physical environments, allowing you to gain efficiencies in your planning, training, and response activities.
Immersive Building Intelligence

PrePlanLive was designed around National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1620 and 3000 information requirements.  The necessary pre-incident planning details are easily captured through out simple, intuitive user interface.  

Live Map Integration

PrePlanLive integrates the latest Google Maps technologies, enabling the precision marking of critical exterior features – such as key boxes, fire hydrants, and utility shutoffs – that can be viewed together (facility-wide “Points of Interest”), or individually (each individual feature) – with all features marked via custom icons.

Panic Button Integration

PrePlanLive leverages a cost-effective Enterprise Mobile Duress (Panic Button) solutions, allowing you to place “Panic Buttons” at every location where  you desire this capability.  With the click of a button, staff and First Responders are notified that an incident has occurred – providing location details and instant access to Emergency Response Plans.    

Deep Link of Critical Details

Locate critical facility details with one click on the PrePlanLive user dashboard – view the item or location in 3D detail, ensuring you can easily locate the exact location of the feature and view the best-possible routes of ingress and egress to or from a feature.  Additionally, we “tag” these features with a range of dynamic media, from how-to text instructions to links to surveillance camera access dashboards. 

Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) Integration

First Responder agencies can opt to allow PrePlanLive to receive CAD notifications – our application parses address data, matches to (where applicable) PrePlanLive facility profiles, and delivers our pre plans to First Responders via SMS and/or email.   

HDR 360° Exterior Photography

PrePlanLive employs the use of 360° panorama photos – which render with High Dynamic Range (HDR) clarity – to bridge the situational awareness provided by our Google Maps integration and our indoor 3D models.  The 360° photos provide excellent orientation assistance and awareness of the physical environment adjacent to each facility entry and exit point.


PrePlanLive & Cyber Security

Your piece of mind and the security of your information are our highest priorities – which is why we leverage both industry best practices and advanced techniques to secure your information.  The PrePlanLive applications lives in an ISO 27001 compliant managed environment, ensuring both passive and active defense for the entirety of our application and the data we house. We leverage TLS encryption, encrypt data “at rest,” and industry-leading secure communication devices.  The totality is a cyber security infrastructure that actively defends the information housed within, sent to, and requested from our platform.  We have also partnered with some of Silicon Valley’s brightest to implement proprietary safeguards to further ensure the security of information captured within PrePlanLive.  Both Cyber and Information Security are constantly evolving – and that is why PrePlanLive will continue to adopt and implement the most robust security protocols.

From Our Founder

PrePlanLive Seeks to Partner with Matterport Service Providers & First Responders

Our goal is to partner with select Matterport Service Providers and first responders across the country to ensure timely 3D capture of facilities – and ultimately to ensure we further our goal of changing the preparedness paradigm in the United States.  Recent events across the nation demonstrate  there is a quantifiable need for Enhanced Situational Awareness solutions like PrePlanLive – and who better to perform the critical 3D scanning function than those who are already proficient with Matterport’s hardware – the MSPs – and those who best-understand the preparedness and response needs of the communities they serve – those communities’ first responders.

We MUST overreact – and we CANNOT underreact” – Senior LE Official

In the near future, I will be reaching out to those MSPs whom Matterport recognizes as experts around the country – and to select first responders in targeted areas.  Until then, please feel free to contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities as we move forward in this endeavour.

Preparedness First.

– Dan